The volunteers who helped in the last Pentathlon are all encouraged to come and volunteer once again at the October 7, 2017 Marathon Pentathlon. You all said that you were coming back again – and you are being counted on!!!

Those who came to the last Pentathlon knew that the organization of the event would not have happened without all of you. Many competitors showed up on race day without any notice, and thanks to Suzy, Dianne, Gerri, Nancy, Natalie, Bobby, Dean, Randy Jr., Robin, Steve, Theo, Michelle, and all the others who helped out – the event turned out to be a huge success!

Anyone with interest in being a volunteer during the time of the event on October 7, 2017 from 7am until noon to 1pm, or anyone with interest in helping out in the weeks prior to event day, is encouraged to make contact via email at or by calling (305) 587-9830