Sponsor a Pentathlete or a Team competing in
The Marathon Pentathlon!

Sponsors get great exposure. . . . . (change that to phenomenal exposure!)

What Sponsors get is the best kind of
“Product Recognition”  from the production of the movie, and
“Product Endorsement”  from the Pentathletes they sponsor!

Cost to be a Sponsor
$500 to sponsor one PenJtathlete or one Team

Jill Zima Borski, last year’s overall female winner is sponsored this year by Keys Contracting Services.     

This is what a Sponsor gets for sponsoring each athlete:
1) A large poster of the athlete you are sponsoring to post at your business.
2) T-shirts for your athlete’s team, all with either the Pentathlete’s name or Team’s name, along with the Sponsor’s logo on it,
3) Each competing Pentathlete will be interviewed before, during, and after the last event, and part of their interview will include your Product Endorsement,
4) The recap videos and all the segmented videos of the Pentathletes will be played permanently on five different platforms including MarathonFlorida.com, Florida Keys Television TV88, You Tube & Facebook, and any television set viewing TV88.
5) Each male and female Pentathlete who finish overall first, those who finish first in any of the 5 events, and the overall top scoring Team will have an extra few minute clip which will cover the day’s events from their prospective.
6) A Sponsor will be a part of a great local event, where all money stays in The Florida Keys, and goes toward local filmmaking interns providing free video promotions for local non-profits.
7) Listed in the Program for the day, a collector’s item that will be handed out to all in attendance.

This form is to be filled out by anyone interested in sponsoring either one of The Marathon Pentathletes or one of the Teams in the 2nd annual Marathon Pentathlon.

Click here to download Sponsor Form