The production of the movie “The Marathon Pentathlon, 2017”, and the coverage of each of the Pentathletes, is provided by Marathon Florida TV’s Interns, who we call “The TV88 Interns”.

This is a small paying position, but our interns get an enormous amount of experience in media production, while assisting others in our Florida Keys communities.

Using funds raised from the events put on by us – The Marathon Games and the Conch Records Music Video Fests, we are able to provide our interns with the latest technology.

With the way technology has rapidly advanced in the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult for our local students with interest in media production to get the experience they need to stay up with others in the media production profession.

The amount of hands on experience that a TV88 Intern gets from being involved in the various athletic events and music festivals is enormous!
If you are working towards a career in media broadcasting, specifically behind the scenes as a camera operator or assistant in the production crew – you as a TV88 Intern will get the hands on experience you are looking for.

Get a hold of us now 
We are hiring camera operators and production crew members.

Our camera operators will be on location with the production crew during all Marathon Games and Music Video Fests – in addition to being out in the field throughout the year filming promos and recaps of all non-profit events throughout The Florida Keys.

Interns are supplied with camera and production equipment necessary, and mostly work on weekends covering the events taking place throughout The Keys.

The pay is low but the experience is great!
Anyone residing in Monroe County with interest in applying to be a TV88 Intern needs to either send an email to or call (305) 587-9830