The Marathon Games

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The Marathon Games – Marathon, Florida – June 22-29, 2013

Posted by on Jun 17, 2013

June, 17, 2013 To All Contestants, Local Sponsors, Volunteers, Participants, and Local Residents   From: Cliff Rydell, President of Conch Records Producers of The Marathon Games The idea of The Marathon Games started out as a concept on May 1st, but in just 45 short days, and with the help of many dedicated assistants and the participation of many of our local businesses, organizations, and residents – Round One of The Marathon Games is scheduled for the week of June 22nd – 29th. Out of Town Contestants who have never been to The Florida Keys before, will be picked up on Saturday evening the 22nd from the Miami International Airport, and brought down to The Keys and introduced to their local teammates. Each team will compete in various water and land activities in our area – and all accommodations, meals, activities, as well as their trophies, medals, and prizes will be provided by our local businesses and organizations. Justin (JB) has his team of camera operators ready to start shooting, and we have the equipment necessary to edit the week in to 5 TV episodes.  The Shows will have product placement for all sponsors, and advertising dollars necessary to air the episodes on TV stations throughout the U.S. will come from selling products provided by our local community. The co-MC’s for the week will be Mr. Marathon, Mike Puto and Natalie Velger.  The Opening Ceremony will take place at The Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor’s Center on Sunday morning the 23rd promptly at 8:30am when Mike will go over all the events of the week.  Starting at 8am in the parking lot of The Visitor’s Center, everyone will have an opportunity to meet and greet all the Contestants. At that time Daniel our Chamber’s CEO, and George Neugent our County Mayor, will greet our Contestants, wish them well, and present them will welcome gifts.  Mayor Neugent will be presenting each Contestant with a Conch Certificate. Our local community is welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony.  In fact, most of everything taking place during the week is open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to come, be a part, and cheer on your favorite Contestants. In addition to asking our community to come out and be a part of the Opening Ceremony we are also asking that our local community come to as many sponsoring restaurants  as they...

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