The Marathon Pentathlon, 2017

Enjoy swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, an exciting golf ball drive and a final foot race.

Swim   Kayak   SUP   Golf Drive   Foot Race

The Marathon Games is the biggest fundraising event put on by TV88.  All registration fees go directly to our non-profit Partners.  It is also a beneficial event for us locals who enjoy having a blast of a morning doing some good clean Florida Keys athletic events.

Due to Hurricane Irma, the next round of The Marathon Games, The Pentathlon, has been postponed.  .  .  .  Not cancelled – just postponed a bit.

Our venue, The Florida Keys Country Club will not be ready to host the Games again for a while, and we are looking at other options.

We are in discussions with the City of Key Colony Beach and a couple of its resorts in the City of KCB about hosting the next Marathon Pentathlon there.

Hosting the next round of The Pentathlon in KCB would allow us to co-promote The Marathon Games along with The City of Key Colony Beach, which we are the webmaster and official videographer for.

Moving of the venue and time of this year’s Pentathlon will take some additional time and preparation.  So anyone in the community who is interested in helping out in any manner with the organizing of this event, is asked to drop a line to

Organized by:
Hosted by:  The Florida Keys Country Club
Production Crew:  The TV88 interns
Drone Aerials by: Keys Shot Photography
Water Events Director: Natural Paths
SUP & Kayak Suppliers: Wheels-2-Go

Swim, Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board, Golf Ball Drive and Foot Race.

“The Marathon Pentathlon, 2017” will be broadcast live and the footage from the day will be made in to recaps seen on The Marathon Games Television Channel shown on Florida Keys Television.
Each Pentathlete will be treated like the sports celebrities they are, sponsored by local businesses, and covered by The TV88 Production Crew.

This is a WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN  fundraising event.  Everyone involved wins:
1)  Athletes get to compete in a truly awesome competitive sporting event for great prizes and medals, and they get the well deserved notoriety from being a Marathon Pentathlete !
2)  TV88 Media Production Interns get an enormous amount of on the job experience !
3)  Sponsors get great Product Recognition AND Product Endorsements from the Pentathletes they sponsor!
4)  Monroe County non-profits are the true benefactors from this fundraising event.  The Marathon Pentathlon gives each non-profit based in Monroe County an opportunity to share in proceeds, and to have their own TV88 intern assigned to promote and cover their involvement in The Games.

A list of the Partnering Non-Profits can be found on the Non-Profits page on this website.

Watch a little recap from last year’s Marathon Pentathlon by clicking the image below





GRAND PRIZE WINNERS can be viewed on video by clicking the images below:

Male Elliot Hart
Female Jill Zima Borski
each Won a 2 Night Stay at The Marathon Courtyard Marriott

Kristin &  James Carlson
Won a Vacation at Coconut Cay Resort





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